Garden Solution

Ancon Enterprises’s Garden solutions take shade to a new level like parking, garden solution structure, selters solution. Fabric tensile shading provides both beautiful and practical parking to reduce heat and solar glare. Flat or 3 Dimensional, tensile fabric offers flexibility and choice far greater than conventional blinds or awnings. Archiclad, Ancon Enterprises’s family of tensile fabric cladding systems includes products for both internal ceiling panels and externally applied cable and fabric solutions.

Ancon is estimated to have supplied structures to more than a quarter of all the garden centres in New Delhi, India. In recent years, in densely populated cities, in the residential areas around the allocation of green space and it was OK trail. Residents without vehicles under the influence of the residential area near the middle of the street relaxed and happy to walk, leisure, and feel very cozy. In the green space constructed a film comedy, the vivid landscape of the environment - as a vast oasis in the little white sail, another highly functional - and young people can walk nap.

Why a Fabric Structures ?

A  tensile fabric walkway will allow you to combine practicality with beauty. Your walkway will be as much a feature as it is a solution for sheltering foot traffic. Inspired by nature, fabric tensile canopies add a beautiful organic 3D form whilst still complimenting adjacent buildings

Tensile fabric shapes breathe life and excitement into a building by blending steel construction with organic forms. Tensile fabric structures provide shade and weather protection using low maintenance materials, reducing UV transmission and controlling solar gain.

Why Ancon Enterprises ?

•  Over many years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures.
•  Complete turnkey Design & Build service for bespoke shelters.
•  Signature Structure range of easily specified shelters for many applications.

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