Going Green

At Ancon, We are committed to using the power of our business model to drive environmental sustainability in our market. To achieve this goal we have set a series of policy objectives to improve our sustainability footprint. These will be supported by annual targets, which will deliver year on year measurable improvements. Ancon has a long and successful relationship with members of the garden centre business community, where it is established as a provider of bespoke insulated steel buildings as well as a range of attractive bespoke canopies, awnings and walkways.

Ancon is estimated to have supplied structures to more than a quarter of all the garden centres in New Delhi, India. In recent years, in densely populated cities, in the residential areas around the allocation of green space and it was OK trail. Residents without vehicles under the influence of the residential area near the middle of the street relaxed and happy to walk, leisure, and feel very cozy. In the green space constructed a film comedy, the vivid landscape of the environment - as a vast oasis in the little white sail, another highly functional - and young people can walk nap.

•  Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations.
•  Involve customers, partners, clients, suppliers and subcontractors in the implementation of our objectives.
•  Promote environmentally responsible purchasing.
•  Provide suitable training to enable employees to deal with their specific areas of environmental control.
•  Improve the environmental efficiency of our transport and travel.
•  Establish targets to measure the continuous improvement in our environmental performance, working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Environment is a modern city, modern architecture, modern culture and society, modern life and the concept of an integrated appearance. Cable-reinforced membrane construction with durable, high strength, fire protection, self-cleaning and other features to make full use of sunlight, air, and easy integration with the natural environment characteristics, it expresses the "architectural language feature" became apparent "rational technical performance of the" tendency, towering mast, special-shaped space steel structure system, such as beams cable, rich in a large steel machine charm nodes, filled with the natural curve of the changing membrane tension, as well as other technical elusive body of a large-span free-space have to give people a sense of artistic appeal and technical mystery. In the show's individuality, self-entertainment and the diversity of environmental space, the cable-membrane building has charming architectural features, cable-membrane building as a modern engineering structure, showing the current architecture and the scientific level of development. As the new materials, new technologies continue to emerge, cable-membrane building has strong vitality, its application scope is not limited to sports, exhibitions and other buildings, the traditional ancient building materials and technology is bound to be light and thin and the thermal insulation properties of Good high-strength lightweight materials replaced by cable-membrane architecture in today's revolutionary changes in the construction industry plays a major role in the construction sector in a wider range of applications can be foreseen

With the advances in low-power LED lighting, outdoor areas can be lit in an environmentally friendly way by using the latest solar panel technology. Reducing energy consumption and energy bills is a win-win combination for the client. Providing plug-in points for lap-tops and mobile phones is also a convenient and fun way to draw the public to your structure, with no running costs involved. With current research into the technology of photovoltaics taking place, Ancon Enterprises strives to be at the forefront of sustainable design.

Ancon has developed cost effective bicycle shelter designs with optional bike racks and a range of finishes, all designed to be suitable for simple self erection. It is suitable all your needs for bicycle storage.

Ancon bike storage shed benefits include:

• eye-catching form and functional design
• encourages cycle use with all the environmental and health benefits
• easy self assembly or fully installed options available.

We can also offer bespoke designs and a full installation service. Frames can be made from timber, steel or powder coated steel and these can be combined with fabric, polycarbonate or profile steel sheet roof claddings.

Local Suppliers

In addition, Ancon canopies, awnings and covered walkways are a cost-effective useful addition to any Ancon retail building where a porch, entrance canopy, waiting area, or trolley park is required. Ancon walkways are popular as a way to lead customers on the optimum route through a retail area. Canopies, awnings and walkways can be built in a variety of shapes to suit the site including horseshoes, staggered (to cope with a sloping site), and long, flowing spans alongside or between buildings.

The frames are mainly steel in construction with a composite roof and curtain walling with micro rib composite side walls as standard.

We also offer a tension fabric design and construction service, providing a range of elegant design solutions offering permanent structures with a lightweight appearance and minimal structural support but a long life.

Shapes include: cantilevered, hypar, umbrella and double conic. We are continually exploring the application's possibilities.

Full building regulations calculations and CDM package are available with all structures.

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