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We are engaged in offering a wide range of Internal structures.these are widely used in resorts, hotels, lodges, farm houses & base camps and are available in the multitudes of colors & patterns. our products are designed while keeping in mind the economical constraints of our clients and are available in the cost effective prices. The range of product we offer is reckoned for its various distinctive features such as spaciousness, dimensionally accuracy and perfect finish.

Fabrics are used internally for a variety of reasons, such as providing a modular fabric ceiling system, dropped fabric panels adding stunning sculptural features to a room, reducing solar glare, creating heat gain in an atrium, providing an internal ceiling to mask unsightly cabling, to create internal screens, providing signage or branding and tensiles for lighting schemes. Internal structures are planned and maintained to your budget throughout the entire process from design to installation.


We are able to offer a service that incorporates the design of tensile fabric structures from a concept stage including detailed development with the Architect, Form Finding, Load Analysis and Patterning, with the experience of experts.

These thoughts may take the form of a very basic sketch, with or without a written brief to a detailed CAD drawing. We will have a look at what the client is trying to achieve and have in depth discussions regarding their vision for the project.

We will provide an initial concept design based on this feedback as well as our own knowledge of the practical considerations to build the structure. All our structures are fully engineered and verified by independent structural engineers to ensure the design integrity and lifespan.

Project management and the coordination of subcontractors, suppliers and plant equipment are handled by a dedicated team to maintain control. Our installation crews are fully trained in current health and safety practices and are experienced in modern-day site conditions, inductions, toolbox talks and working with other contractors or trades

Dialogue flows freely at this point in the process with the overall goal to design a beautifully practical structure which can be built in the specified location to budget. This process takes as long as necessary to satisfy all parties.  


In Tensile structure first understanding the loads exerted by the fabric itself (known as pre-stress or pre-tension), then quantify the live loads that the structure will be exposed to (wind and snow). These loads enable us to determine the type of fabric required, the size of structural support system required and the foundations that the structure will be anchored to.

We can provide computer-generated shade plotting to assist in the design and installation of canopies, which are required to protect specific areas and personnel from solar heat or glare.

Once a design is agreed Fabric Architecture will address the following:

• Determine the loads that will be exerted on connecting buildings and/or ground.
• Calculate and locate foundation pads.
• Locate services adjacent to foundations and re-route if required.
• Manage rainwater run-off.
• Find out whether there is a need for lighting and security


The Ancon Enterprises factory team, headed by our experts, have a proven history in the application of the meticulous manufacturing procedures required to produce the highest quality tension fabric structures.

At Ancon Enterprises we have in-house skills and facilities to manufacture in all types of fabric: PVC/Polyester (including wieldable and non-wieldable PVDF lacquered) All cottons, acrylics and canvases. Class 'O' fire rated PVC/Fiberglass, PTFE/Fiberglass and the latest Silicon/Fiberglass fabrics.

We can also offer in-house bi-axial and uni-axial fabric detail testing services to the fabric structures industry.


Indoor Tensile Structure

The Ancon Enterprises Installation team installs both external and internal structures, which include fabric canopies, banners, aviaries, net structures, steelwork and cable systems in varying environments. The team works under the management of our team, whose extensive experience in rigging, erecting, installing and dismantling, as well as his knowledge of fabric structures inspection, are key to a smooth and trouble-free installation process.

Our Installation service is efficient and professional, employing a variety of plant machinery, lifting equipment and rope access techniques. The team serves not only in-house projects, but also those clients who may require Rigging as a separate service. Whatever the type of installation required, the service can always be tailored to meet a client's particular needs.

We embraces Health and Safety regulations and is therefore fully conversant with, and able to provide, health and safety plans, method statements and risk assessments with qualified and certificated personnel using checked and certified equipment.


Indoor Tensile Structure
Ancon Enterprises offer a comprehensive and responsive Maintenance Service, which can be divided into the following areas:

•  Rigging and structural inspection
•  Overhaul and re-stressing
• Replacement and up-grading
• Cleaning
• Repair
• General servicing

This service covers the maintenance of various structure types:

• Fabric structures
• Net structures
• Cable structures

Maintenance is carried out principally by our skilled in-house staff, with back-up of a broad spectrum of trusted specialist sub-contractors when required.

Safety is paramount in any maintenance operations carried out by Ancon Enterprises . All operations are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

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