Tensile Maintenance

We provide a variety of services to clients all over the world to maximise the life and appearance of both internal and external fabric architecture. These include inspection, cleaning and maintenance regimes, and timed replacement, all tailored to the specific requirements of individual structures.

High performance structures benefit from appropriate levels of ongoing care and maintenance and with more than 10 years experience in working with tensile fabric, Ancon Enterprises are in a prime position to carry out the inspection and care which such structures require.

Our service team is supported by the unrivalled technical expertise and the extensive skills of the design and construction engineers at Ancon Enterprises – no one knows the intrinsic nature of tensile structures better than those who design and build them.

Maintenance is carried out principally by our skilled in-house staff, with back-up of a broad spectrum of trusted specialist sub-contractors when required. In our maintenance operations, safety is the most important feature and all our practices are covered by comprehensive insurance policies. we have also developed our own rope access training course for site staff working at height on membrane structures.

Many building warranties and health and safety regulations require that tensile structures are subject to regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their longevity and reliability. And while our structures are built to last, weather conditions, accidents and misuse do mean that they can deteriorate over time. Our skilled diagnostic teams have the experience and knowledge to inspect structures, through which they can detect and assess potential problems which is reported back to the client. We provide regular specialist cleaning contracts and we can, if necessary, repair damaged structures on the spot or remake them in our specially equipped workshop.

We maintain a detailed database and archive of all of our completed structures, including test results and samples of installed components and fabric. This service is constantly updated by the feedback from site inspections and generates a learning process of the practicalities and behaviour of tensile structures, which we in turn feed back into the industry.

It is not only exterior structures that are cared for by the Ancon Enterprises maintenance department. Interior structures also require attention after their installation and we look after anything from atrium features to cladding as well as overseeing the installation of temporary banners and decorations. We are highly experienced in building and erecting seasonal structures, such as ticket offices or touring event premises, and we also offer a service for the removal and storage of these structures until they are required again.

Our extensive maintenance department not only provides a world wide service focused on all aspects of maintaining tensile structures, but a 24 hour call out service is also available to offer emergency support and technical expertise.
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