Tensile Manufacture

Ancon Enterprises our purpose-built production facility, itself a tensile building, provides the ideal environment for the manufacture of our pristine, accurate structures. The factory space, which boasts over 2,000m² of work area and a specialist ETFE clean room, is unrivalled in this industry. The clear-span working environment allows the assembly of huge membrane panels to be pre-fabricated - simplifying and accelerating on-site assembly.

Due to the pioneering nature of the industry, which is constantly evolving, we have developed an innovative approach to working with tensile fabric, incorporating advanced sail-making techniques, high-frequency welding and computer controlled cutting. Our experienced staff are specialists and their combined experience in working with the varied intricacies of architectural fabric sustains our commanding position in the field of tensile fabric architecture.

The accuracy of our prefabricated structures is facilitated by a combination of our expert staff and state-of-the-art computer controlled manufacturing techniques, helping to ensure the link between design intent and end product is seamless and accurate.

We work with leading design houses to produce our architectural patterns. These are then adapted by our in-house designers, who create numbered panels enabling optimum accuracy during the manufacturing process. These panels form a computer-generated net, which describes their number, their position in relation to each other and the boundary edges. The net is then run through tensile analysis programmers to ensure the fabric membrane is fully tensioned in all the right places.

Our on-site specialist testing facility enables us to examine small biaxial samples of tensioned fabric, to confirm their relative load capacities. We test the fabric to ascertain the effects of loads such as wind and snow and the degree of expansion when installed. These calculations can then be incorporated into the final patterns produced by our design team.

The patterns are fed into a state-of-the-art computer program, which creates a template for the cutting machine, with which our manufacturing team work to fabricate the complete membrane structure. It is possible for Ancon Enterprises to manufacture any number of intricate cutting designs on a substantial scale, with the computer programmers controlling the process to ensure absolute precision.

 The newly cut fabric is then fabricated by our factory staff, who utilize their skills in a range of ways. Our resident sail maker uses specialist sewing machines to affix segments of smaller-scale and intricate structures, such as fabric sculptures and screens, while our high-frequency welder uses radio-waves transmitted through electrodes to bind PVC membranes. Edge-welders and hot air guns are used to weld other fabrics, employing heat and pressure to set an adhesive between the two edges of fabric to create our trademark large scale tenlise structures.

A proven history of working with tensile fabric and our advanced equipment and working methods, mean that our exceptional expertise is applied to all types of architectural fabrics. Our comprehensive in-house range and extensive knowledge allow us to meet manifold requirements, from tensile buildings to temporary exhibition structures we design and manufacture for both permanent and seasonal use. From bespoke membrane roofs to inflatable structures, we are sensitive to the individual complexities of a range of vastly different fabrics and can apply our knowledge to individual needs of the client. Ongoing investment in equipment and staff provides unrivalled quality of manufacture, ensuring we provide the best warranties available.
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