Warranty Application For Fixed Or Mobile Textile Buildings

For the usage of fixed or mobile textile buildings, structures and tents


Tensile strength «70% of the original value i.e. the value provided in the technical instructions.
The fire rating (permanently).
100% waterproofing.
The retention of the textile's flexibility: in normal climatic exposure conditions and normal handling conditions,
we guarantee a loss of weight (through de-pfastification) equal to or less than 10%.
This guarantee becomes null and void if the textile Is folded and stored when damp.
Any major change in the colouring of the bulk of the textile, insido a specific cover, and uniform colour changes throughout complete strips of the textile.


Faults resulting from the design, manufacture and installation of assembled textiles and structures, and notably accelerated ageing due to pockets of water on the roof. Accidents during handling (tears, wear & tear, friction, scratches, holes).
Consequences of damage caused when washing or using detergents not previously agreed by Ferrari.
External chemical damage: major atmospheric pollution or the usage of damaging cleaning medium.
Localised stains that do not represent a major and uniform change of colour throughout complete strips of the textile. Vandalism.


Declaration by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt 30 days maximum after the appearance of the problem.
Guarantee start-date: the delivery date of the textile to the manufacturer.

Application of the guarantee:

in application of the guarantees described in paragraph 1 (taking into account the exclusion clauses in paragraph I!) only the replacement of the textile will be covered.


1st year: 100% of the costs mentioned above are covered.
2nd year: 80% of the costs mentioned above are covered.
3rd year: 60% of the costs mentioned above are covered.
4th year: 40% of the costs mentioned above are covered.
5th year: 20% of the costs mentioned above are covered
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